Young Justice Cancelled – was Season 2 aka Invasion to blame, Cartoon Network or DC Animation?

Young Justice has officially been cancelled by Cartoon Network! As fans react in disbelief and anger, host Grace Randolph takes a closer look at what went …

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  1. "Cartoon Network is not to blame" bullshit, this isn't the first time they canceled a great show with high ratings. Look at generator Rex, amazing show, great ratings and they just put it on break, forever. They didn't even say anything either, they just canceled it
    -.- and this isn't the first time they have done new crappy version of an old show that was good, look at Ben 10, it was an amazing show up until omniverse, that ruined it for me, mainly just the animation style, it was just cheaper for them, Cartoon Network are money whores, if they canceled some of the crap they put on tv these days maybe they would bring back our favorite shows, especially young justice.

  2. Is this the end ? Is the end of cartoons? Or is this a American strategy to get us mentally prepared for war with communist China in ww3 ? Cos we are addicted or don't know something big is about to strike America and my beloved Singapore.

  3. the show was literally only canceled because the toy lines weren't selling well enough for CN's liking. no speculation needed, the showrunner has confirmed this multiple times. do some research.

  4. I really enjoyed the expanded cast, and the five year gap. I thought it was an ingenious engine for storytelling. All the mysteries that the five year got left kept me very interested, and after the past was revealed, I fell in love with the new cast (ESPECIALLY Blue Beetle and Impulse). Overall, all the points you've made( other than the delays of the episodes) I completely disagree with. And I am very upset that we are not getting a season 3.

  5. I just finished watching season 2 tonight and absolutely loved the story line of it and getting to fall in love with new characters. Although I did hate that kid flash died in the end I was completely bawling but it still could have had an incredible season 3 and having it be cancelled with the ending of season 2 is really frustrating.

  6. we all like young justice better than teen titan go.teen titan go is boring and already has alot f seasons and episodes y not make it fair and make more young justice?

  7. if were gonna damn a show for being original then everyone needs to look at the batman movie series, the avengers, suicide squad, arrow, etc. no they did not always follow the comics but they were the directors and producers and actors to make. they disnt need to recreate the comics they made it their own. this series was damn good. it needs to be picked up and continued

  8. I think the extra casting made have contributed, but I have to disagree about the alternate universe. For those of us who don't read the comics,but have our OWN version of "canon", but is mainly an accurate view of classic characters. It felt better that this was an alternate and allowed me to stop second guessing the story and just enjoy the adventure. the acying and concepts for plots were stellar and imaginiative..although the 4 bus full of kids on the bridge was a little cliché..LOL…but over all it was a fantastic series and deserved more experimentation.

  9. Thank God it got cancelled. I mean wtf. You had lines where the character says "hello" then their name. for example we had hello megan,hello Robin. Like wtf is this shit. And why is superboy always in a bad mood. And superboy isn't even superman's son. He's a clone made from his genes. Superman had nothing to do with. And why was the show focused on fucking relationships instead of actual comic heroes. And why every time a female character is introduced the rest of the male characters start hitting on her. Let me be honest here. The only reason I saw this show was because I thought it might be like Justice League unlimited. But the producers fucked the whole thing up. And why was there always convenient situations for the heroes. And I thought Martian man hunter was the last Martian. Even if it's an alternate universe couldn't they find anyone else than anyone megan. This whole DC reboot is full of fucking shit. I swear watching this fucking show left a bad taste in my mouth. It was bland from beginning to end. no excitement whatsoever. Just full of cheesy lines. Why all this. Just so dc can so to speak appeal to young audiences. Fucking bullshit mate.

  10. Um, I swear I saw a video of you interviewing a young girl that likes YJ. You even said your fave character is Artemis. And now you spill this BS?! How would you feel if that girl sees that video? Huh?

  11. Guys, the reason they cancelled the show, was because it didn't sell toys, toys that the NEVER advertised so how were people supposed to know about, I loved, and still love the series in its whole, sure, season two wasn't great, but it was still an AMAZING show by Cartoon Network's and DC Animations current standards, seeing as the only Cartoon Network animated DC show that is currently having new episodes is Teen Titans Go, a reboot of Teen Titans, WHICH was ALSO a fan favorite!

  12. cartoon network was awesome but then it just got worst when the teen titans got cancelled then got even bad when Ben 10 was gone then other shows now is only gumball uncle Grampa and Clarence and the crappie version of tenn titans like gumball is a good show but the others not I don't even watch cartoon network anymore only when I'm bored

  13. I agree. I loved season 1, but I was so bummed they took everything I loved from season 1 off of season 2. A five year time jump? Really?

  14. 2nd season sucked compared to the first season, wish they didn't ruin it and be idiots with it after such a good first season. but, least its eventually getting a s3, hopefully they not idiots this time


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