Why? with Hannibal Buress – Visiting a PETA Protest

Hannibal attends a PETA protest to tempt the demonstrators with hypotheticals and find out what animals they identify with.

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  1. I would try to eat a piece of meat for $50 mil if it were already dead and purchased
    That is how much money I need for the next phase of my revenge

  2. being a vegan is the epitome of the hubris of being human. You make a conscious decision to not eat what your body is naturally made to. Only people have that kind of luxury, to purposefully not eat. If you were a wolf, you would eat meat, no exceptions.

  3. I don’t think these people understand that the human body can’t live And tofu by-products and soy alone . The body NEEDS proteins to produce the right amino acids to keep the body up tight.

  4. Remember PETA is a horrible organization that euthanizes almost all of the (healthy or not) animals they "save" because they think pets are better of being dead than in a loving home! They have even kidnapped pets to put them down! PETA is absolute bs, they hurt more than they help.

  5. I have an idea for a comic book where this lady dies and reincarnates as a Wolf, yet something about the reincarnation went wrong and she remembers her past life. She tries to be vegan but can't eat vegetables even if she tries to. It's a long sad story about how she tries to adapt being a carnivore but then she dies and a sheep in her next life.


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