The Struggles of your Past Should NEVER Determine Your Future !!

Today on CurveLifeTV watch the heartwarming story of this beautiful soul. Coming to Dr. Curves to regain control of her life with this body transformation. With having to overcome many life struggles and triumph she is finally taking back her life!! Coming all the way from Fisher, Indiana To share her inspirational story. At 46 years old she is more than ready transformation. After overcoming years of abuse and having 8 children she wants to be an inspiration to women everywhere. After researching for about 2 years and having the amazing support from her loving family she is finally here. Becoming over joyed with excitement this is a story you can’t miss out on. With a weight of 206 lbs. and a height of 5’10, We are going to give her the PORSHA BOOTY and flat tummy she very well deserves. Check out her amazing transformation after having 900 cc’s of fat grafted into each buttock and 200 cc’s of fat grafted into each hip. Dr. Curves has given her the CURVES she has been longing for.

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