The Palace – Episode 04

The press are determined to unmask the King’s secret lover. Will they succeed?

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  1. …There used to be CURRENT productions of Ballets, Operas, Theater, Symphonies, and varied Concerts (Jazz, Country, Experimental) from around the country.
    And while they still do have quality documentaries–in a good deal of their documentaries the host shouts titillating, innuendo laden, sexually driven narration at the audience in a bid to grab our attention–while citing experts whose credentials are more than suspect. It's like the folks at PBS can't imagine we can retain info unless they align it w/a kinky sexual anecdote. They feel like History Channel documentaries now, lol…
    SAD state of affairs in the US. That's why I don't watch our TV anymore 😉

  2. i enjoy it its better then seeing downton abbey season 4 already seen that the entire thing , tried watching some other things but they didn't catch my interest like this. I love anything with Royals, or great fashion any kind of eye candy. When I am real down i look for more British Comedies and boy did i find a lot of those. 

  3. fantasy dialogue. Christ couldn't the writer be a bit more dignified with the script? or is this just a gossip factory disguised as stab at what happened in 1936? BOO! not intrigue but a bunch of people who can't keep their mouths shut at an office.

  4. why does he hate his mother? i havent seen her do anything for him to hate her….yet he's all coddled up with his sister smh ugh this show needs to go over the relationships more cuz w're missing something. The king annoys me, how can he not see how dumb he's acting? And ignorant.

  5. Why did Abigail and the king call her apartment a shithole in the last episode? Honestly, most single Londoners would kill for a place like that…

  6. Please! He's acting like it's some big sacrifice to be honest! First of all he's royalty and that realistically wouldn't be abolished within this lifetime based on this singular event so he has nothing to worry about. Second, Ms. Miri is a big girl who got into this with a bunch of liabilities that she was happy to jeopardize for the sake of a romp in the sheets. What, was everyone just sitting around, not making a Plan B and hoping a servant would elect to take the fall if things ever got discovered? Good grief!

  7. A Little trivia! Did anybody notice, the girl in the light blue jumper at 3:28 then look at her jumper after a brief chat with Abby, continuity should be shot! 🙂 

  8. .  As has been said, it is very addictive.  Rupert Evans is very pretty, but is a hopeless actor. Only Jane Asher and Zoe Telford seem to rise above their material.  I so thoroughly disapproved I HAD to watch all episodes and loved every minute of it!

  9. The palace staff as portrayed wouldn't be capable of efficiently and professionally running a governor's mansion in any of our 50 states. As for "King Richard": he has entirely too much time on his hands. Shouldn't he be reading more than GQ?


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