The Daily Show – Jon’s Big Announcement

Jon shares an important decision with an unsuspecting audience. * Watch more from this episode on The Daily and the CC app: …

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  1. man jon stewart was fucking awesome…. i know it isnt the best compliment but in the end he was really badass he created this giant entertainment aspect to politics that is really just amazing

  2. One of the smartest people on earth, yet very humble n sweetheart! I miss you Jon in this critical time of our lives but I am somewhat happy that you are happy n doing what you love to do… sending you love n all the best wishes in the world!!!!

  3. the date my depression began
    date it got worse: nov 9 2016
    date it got even worse: jan 21 2017
    and every time i think it can't get any worse, boop WRONG

  4. Trevor Noah is so bad. That show should end with Jon. Now its not intelligent or at least funny. All the time jokes about South Africa and him being black. So sad this show end up with such a shitty comedian.

  5. I tried, I really tried to like Stewart's style but no, I don't find him interesting at all. Colbert Report and Oliver are way better.

    BTW, The Late Show with Colbert SUUUUUCKS!

    Oliver is the only one left bs free.

  6. after almost 2 years after Jon officially left, i've come to give up on Trevor Noah after i stuck with him through even that disgusting "crackhead whitney houston" joke he made on his very first night, and all his weakass repetitive garbage. But mostly because I found out Trevor was not his first, not his second, but Jon's THIRD choice. First and second being Jessica and Hasan who turned it down because they wanted to "grow more."
    I miss him everyday but only now do i really, really, really, REALLY REALLY miss him.
    Those short few months with both Jon and Larry on air together were probably the best.

  7. Je connais moi la vraie raison 2sa démission!C ses collègues qu'en av marre2rebâtir les murs du studio pcq sa tête passait +les portes! ;-D

  8. Growing up I use to hate this show sooo much.. Then I became a adult and fell in love with it so hard. It was so hard watching John leave he show. I still miss him on the show.


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