The Bakery Selections ► Hip Hop ‘ Jazz ‘ Chill Beats

The Bakery Selections ▻ Hip Hop ‘ Jazz ‘ Chill Beats A Bakers Dozen of my favourite underground joints hand-picked for this special blend, it’s time to sit back …

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  1. Say 'Donut' so we can see who reads the description. 🙂
    I like to read the description,
    because it has the playlist.
    I see this comment thread has the playlist,
    pinned at the top of the comments, as well.
    But I am old, so I look at the artist and title of each cut.
    Then I relax, and snuggle with my wife.
    And chuckle, as I sip on a damn fine cup of hot, black coffee.
    Like Christmas…..
    Damn, that hits the spot!

  2. 🍩 Track Menu:
    1.00:00 Mtbrd – Damn Fine Coffee
    2.03:26 ØDYSSEE- Mi|ano
    3.05:20 Philanthrope – Frameworks Pt. 1
    4.07:39 Ninjoi. – Let the Rain Fall
    5.09:19 Sweeps – encore.
    6.11:15 Benaddict, Slim & Ella Mae – Evans
    7.14:31 Mtbrd – When I Tell You
    8.18:28 Doberman – Jazz & Buckfast [Prod. Earl Swirl]
    9.23:06 Sweeps – Swimming pool
    10.25:18 Didi Crazzz – Le Temps Passe
    11.27:32 Mtbrd -The Inclination
    12.30:00 Sweeps – Dna.
    13.32:18 FloFilz – Loveyourz
    14.35:35 Emune – Segundo Barrio Jazz
    15.40:20 Mtbrd – Sister Sister
    16.42:42 Classik – Moonlight Metropolis


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