The Apprentice – The Apprentice | Series 1 | Episode 4

Week Four: The Harrods Sales — BAFTA award-winning British reality television series in which a group of aspiring young businessmen and women compete …

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  1. PS What the hell is with Matthew? Is the guy blind? In the first episode, he twats his head on the top of a door frame when they''re checking out their pad. In this one, he trips on the display at 15.42! hhahahaha. Fuck up!

  2. it's funny when they get into the taxi at the end of the show that the same taxi has the same serial number and also they're wearing different clothes? I menn as they will walking down the stairs to go to the taxi did they change their clothes? lol

  3. In this season high calibre candidates are here and fighting to be awarded a job that they want. In more recent seasons you have weaker candidates who are more interested in getting on T.V. the mood is also more light hearted and comical.

  4. I can't believe that Adele has the audacity to say in the taxi interview that she was viewed as an easy target from the beginning. That's funny considering that Saira didn't even consider bringing Adele into the final boardroom when they lost the first task. She was just as disruptive as Miranda in the first task, but Saira didn't think Adele was that bad, so I'd say that speaks volumes right there. shrugs

  5. James is quite good looking but has Royal Family look about him – is there something Her Majesty isnt telling us? Adele looks a lot like that girl who played the little scrubber in Shameless

  6. Aww if only i could win the lottery and spend a few days a week shopping for gorgeous nic-nacs in Harrods – if you read this Mr Alfiad please take pity on this poor penniless pouper – on a serious note well done the Harrods staff you were all awsome – a credit to the store and certainly made me want to pay it a visit one day


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