The 3DS Spot – Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion Gameplay

Follow me on Twitter This is just a quick video showing you guys the basic start up and features of Cartoon Network along with some …

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  1. @gamer2x4 lol heck yeah I did..The next time I put more vids up I'll have a better idea of what's going on and I'll be ready for them..hopefully with more characters.

  2. @Mister3DS npnp..I'm getting better at it..but with no real online..eeeeeeek..I actually wasn't really playing it right either..I hated that they all came after me and didn't really attack each other too

  3. @Tdafanclub ahh ok that sucks then..yeah I have no idea why they just went ahead and put it out on the shelves here..I must say it was rather odd seeing it 5 days a retail store.

  4. @j510t because of the fact that sometimes folks end up with copies also helped me realize that the game didn't have online multi..only local battles


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