T.J. Miller Has a Seizure – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

After a marked change in his personality, T.J. Miller ends up in the hospital where he is visited by both a human doctor and a robot doctor. Follow T.J. Miller on …

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  1. I love the fact that T. J. Miller was flogging a lame movie concept that not only would get made, but could possibly gross millions. Did the people he was blue-skying this shitty idea to make that Unfriended movie?

  2. Is it just me or does Ari shaffir have the most annoying laugh? Even though he is a tremendous comedian I'm not saying anything about his skill because he's absolutely f**** amazing. He's just got kind of annoying laugh though

  3. I see TJ Miller get a lot of flack for not being "funny", on late night talk shows and such. Not only is this set proof of the contrary… it's hilarious in fact… but it also adds some sad context to the recent headlines about his erratic behavior. Hopefully things work out for him and his family.

  4. Your brain is very sensitive.. Be careful with drugs and get your health checked entirely if you're questioning something. I have a brain malformity called Chiari… It can cause debilitating issues… Good thing i don't have it as bad as some people


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