“Sunday” – Dope Rap Beat | Free New Trap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2017 | Ganga #Instrumentals

398 – “Sunday” – Dope Rap Beat | Free New Trap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2017, by Croatian producer Ganga. #Instrumentals | Purchase …

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  1. Poetry is poetry and rap is rap,
    some may say it's krap but
    they don't understand the kraft,
    they know the draft beer
    Stay sincere to what we know but are
    queer eyed on the change of the tide. Decide what we decide but at birth we are prescribed to a certain life and its all we know
    Until someone shows us there's a difference
    But most refuse to listen
    And be dissin' and hatin' until they see the bigger picture
    Like a girl with a perfect figure
    Never judge a damn book by its cover
    What lies beneath takes a special person to see deep underneath them leaves
    Like you may see a lock but do you have the right key?

  2. I'm up….  I'm awake… thank god….its a sunday time to chop chop…..make it to mass….. remote start the burb…..hits from the erb……put the money in the basket……body and blood//// blessin before I reach a casket…….thank god for another day…….bought make my way……..chicano park//// I'm on my way…..bangin  screens on glow……and I'm creepin  real slow…….they hear me coming……they hear me hummin…….like a parade on sunday……in my lane  and its a one way…..26 inches on my carriage,,15 inch woofers so you can hear it……..I creep real slow   no rush…..competition ill crush……in my top flight mode……its a sunday got to be in the right mode….og veteran from the same streets we cruising….some of my homies still get together and boose it….east side grande varrio,, I hope we never lose it…..estilo on a sunday

  3. so u wanna be a trapstar a world wide rap star be to be all that kid u must answer to a master and his name is lucifur devilman rebel to the light go sell your soul beleive all hype spend your life in pit for eternity for all those things that u like 👌.

  4. HI my beautiful friends, PLEASE If you own a FREE Beat please contact me on twitter DJMortalDj. I wanna use it to REMIXES in my channel. OF COURSE, I WILL put your name under the Beat in the description. Thank You 🙂

  5. Real G swift , kosher type grip, riding foreign , in da coupes whip, on a new nother cool calm collective tip, against the grain , I'm a let it rip, clutch popped, gears switched, OD when I ride, I'm n full force , motion playing it's course, no remorse I'm just a fool in the pit, lit, with 2 only seats, wit 3 passengers wit me, taking off , throwed off , like a wild pitch..


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