Space walks ~ lofi hip hop mix | beats to relax/study to

Welcome, my dear friends This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping. _ Art …

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  1. I really like your mixes; I used to be into ambience back when, but it started making me too sad after a major breakup. Lately I've gotten back into it since my psychological state has been improving, and it does wonders to help me stay in a calm and focused state. Keep the good work up; I'm very envious of your ability!

  2. ✨Tracklist:
    00:00 stream_error – downstairs
    03:17 wwolf ts – quiet night
    04:58 SubTrailss – L E A V E
    06:50 SubTrailss – W A I T I N G
    09:14 K O N G K R U S E – not like this
    10:52 mewsyc ツ – im never good enough.
    13:42 Aiirwave – Aquatic
    16:39 SubTrailss – [high]Ways
    19:24 Michael Skaide – Earth
    22:22 cat naps – seaside cafe
    23:32 fell+lσ – nameyourtrack
    26:00 Mojo – feel good
    29:01 aebleo – mulgogi

  3. mds, isso eh uma maravilha, isto relaxa sua cabeça, alem de deixar pequenhos pensamentos suicidas e sensação, ah…cara que maravilhoso ^-^ e_u <3 i-s-t-o

  4. Coping mechanisms never helped me, and those temporary fixes ain’t healthy,
    Yet I’m buying all the shit they try to sell me, always order more shore to shore stealthy, I won’t be around forever, guess it’s only now or never, I got caught within a storm, no one taught me how to weather, ever since the day I’s born, people used to say I’m clever, but I’m always feeling torn, seein God reveal its horns, it’s realer than the movies show this life up on the big screen, now I sit in silence on my porch and watch the cigs gleam, fiery coals retire this soul, I’m tired and uninspired with no desire for goals, holes that I’ve dug, there no climbing out of, gone cold in the heart so I slowly start to doubt love, aimless anger, a planeless hangar, broken dreams sold to shameless bankers, cash rules the game and the game is fixed, spin the chamber – aim and click…


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