Scott Pruitt Is Definitely Not Exploiting Government Perks – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

Scott Pruitt faces criticism for his personal use of taxpayer money, but Jordan has a theory about the real reason behind the EPA head’s over-spending.

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  1. Pruitt is like a tacky tourist who stuffs his bag with hotel room towels and condiments and silverware from the restaurant table. Apparently he's never been to the big city before.

  2. You should dig into what he was upto back in Oklahoma if you think this is bad.

    He literally bankrupted the state in 4 years while padding billions of dollars for his network of friends.. who apparently returned the favor by making him EPA chief.

  3. Pruitt is the poster boy for blatant corruption in Trumps' "BEND OVER AMERICA, YOU ARE GETTING FUCKED UP THE ASS, AS WE WILL CON YOU STUPID MARKS OUT OF EVERY NICKEL YOU HAVE!" agenda. All this is courtesy of the asshole that Trump owes something fierce, his lord and master Vladi Putin. Robert DeNiro said it best, speaking recently for all real patriotic Americans: "Fuck Trump!"

  4. Used mattress ? Wtf – if that’s the kind of thing these boys are in to I wonder if Trump brought back the “used mattress” from his stay in Moscow 😀

  5. A Earth 2? But I thought Donald drumpf supporters believed in Fox News the white supremacist flat-earth Channel. Does drumpf supporters really believe in the Nazi moon base, they must be waiting for their lizard Overlord George Bush.

  6. I am currently sitting in Pruitt’s former bedroom in Oklahoma, no shit. We bought his old house. And I went to the same school as his son, Though I didn’t know him that well. Funny story, a couple months ago we received a box with jams in it meant for Pruitt and we kinda just kept it. I am hoping beyond hope that Trump sent completely on accident like an idiot to his old house.

  7. So is the cackling lady a member of the production staff or does she just a frequent audience member? Maybe there should be not so much a soundproof viewing room, but at least a sound dampening room for such enthusiastic fans. It's really grating. (Not a sexist thing. It's at least as often some guy who gets the joke a little too late and laughs way too hard. I just happened to notice the woman this time when I had time to comment.)

  8. I really love this show, but who the fuck is laughing like every joke is a closer, is that honestly better than canned laughter? It ruins the show, I get it you guys are Uber liberals and you find it funnier on every level but honestly STFU and laugh like a human.

  9. Yeah that's why he was appointed to the EPA, Just like Devos who is destroying Americas school system, Trump appoints people to dismantle the U.S.A . The longer Trump is president the more it seems like he is a Russian plant to cripple this country from the inside. He supported our new tax laws which in just two years or so wont be helping any of the poor or middle class but the wealthy will still have their tax benefits. Trump attacks our closest allies with outrageous tariffs causing a trade war that will cost so many jobs for the U.S.A. and our allies, yet he holds people such as Kim, Puttin, Duterte, Erdoğan and Xi Jinping in high regards, All the while Russia is waging a psychological/cyber war against the U.S.A. causing Americans to become more divided and focus on social differences while America crumbles.


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