Raja Saab {HD} – Hindi Full Movie – Shashi Kapoor, Nanda – Bollywood Movie

Born and brought up in an orphanage, it has always been Rajoo’s dream of becoming a wealthy man, particularly a Prince of any region. His dreams land him in …

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  1. Overall Rating 6 Stars out of 10
    REVIEW: – An orphan day dreams of becoming a prince and gets a chance to playact one. A comedy romantic drama, the film is good on technical elements such as exquisite locations and visuals, good cinematography and musical score. The only exception is the make up artist of Nanda. Rajendranath has a significant role to play. The film runs at a medium pace and is just slightly above average.

  2. I only watched this movie for the sake of rafi sahib's songs..kiya baat he…I noticed one thing whenever Rafi sahib sang for Kapoor family heroes, his voice touched a diff level..also for Dharampaaji..


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