RAINING IN TOKYO Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix Sleep & Rain mix if you liked this mix feel free to donate/buy me a pint – Track …

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  1. lakeebs did good in this artwork it gets the vibe of the music.. it's calm and soothing just to see. bootleg, you ma mixer men, keep us feelin' good. mah hart ma soul for all of you everyone.

  2. I thought of writing a kinda short story / poem scene while listening to this. The main character is whoever you choose and it is in their point of view.

    —– •° — ♡ — °• —–

    I looked up at the sky as the raindrops fell. How I lost you, I still couldn't tell. It was as if my life was spiraling down. My mood was only always low as hell. Maybe there was a reason you left me? It wasn't just to be near that old tree? Was there really any need for you to say goodbye? Even after we came so high?

    A sigh left my lips as I opened the cafe door. If only you were here with me, just like before. We came here all the time. Do you remember? Just you and me. We'd stay after hours, but no one told us to leave. They said they loved you as much as me, but now I just find that so so funny. I'll always love you more than you can ever guarantee. So will you please come back and stay with me?

    Ever since that day, I've been coming here to cry and be blamed. The drinks they give for free are getting rather lame. I don't know what I did, but I promise I'll take the blame. My eyes were growing heavy, my coffee losing it's steam. It was growing as cold as I had once been. So will you please come back and try to save me? The familiar voice of the coffee shop owner, interrupted my tears. "We're closing. You should leave." But I shook my head. I'd wait for you. The owner simply sighed a sorry breath before she left the scene, but she stopped when she saw that other half of me.

    You were running that day, with your text book over your head. I wish I was still your shield from the rain. But now I just wanna end up dead. There's nothing I could do. It's not like I could move. My eyes were fixed on the way your hair flowed. Although it was short, covering your eyebrows and vaguely your eyes it managed to catch anybody blind. The beauty of your smile, the one I used to see. Now I only see it once in a while. Are you happier living there? I shouldn't care. Unless you're here to give back that bear. Wow, it's really been over three years. I knew 3 was an unlucky number, but did you have to break it up in September? My favourite month is now my worst and I just can't seem to make it work.

    The doors swung open, a gasp escaping your lips as you knelt over to catch your breath. Now I know I should've left. Your eyes scanned around the empty seats until they finally managed to once again meet mine. It seemed as though we'd stopped the time. I stood from my seat with a look as though I'd been caught at a crime. Your hoodie, the colour of a pastel lime. The one I got you that amazing time. I still love the way your eyes have that shine. Sparkly eyes like when that poor family finds a dime. So will you please come over and return to me your number to dial?

    You made your way over, with a failed hidden smile. I just couldn't help but stare for a while. Your books were dumped on a chair next to mine, before sitting yourself down infront of my sorry self. "You don't seem to be doing so well." The first words you shared as you stared at the books lying on the shelf. "I'm not. I miss you." A silly cliche is what you could call my words. I just wanted to go back to how we were. "I still love you, you know." Those words are what caused my pain. The rain outside was clearly in vain. It was rushing no where near as heavy as the blood in my veins. My tears ran faster than a fleeing gazelle. Every word you brought caused me hell. I loved you too much than my sorry words could tell.

    Your hand reached out and cupped my face. All I wanted was your warm embrace. With all my feelings I tried not to chase, your teary eyes was all it would take. I'd caught up to them again, this is how all of it would end. The last words we both ever said.

    "I thought you said we were better off dead?"

    "Then let's run away. Away from our own heads."


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