Prem Patra – Hindi Full Movie – Shashi Kapoor, Sadhana – Hit Hindi Movie

While studying in a medical college Arun Kumar Mathur (Shashi Kapoor) has a misunderstanding over a love letter with Kavita Kapoor (Sadhana), and must …

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  1. Superb film. This movie from the Bimal Roy stable has not been hyped as much as some of his other films and hence I was reluctant to see this movie earlier. After seeing the movie I realised what I had missed. Nice story, deft direction and good acting by the entire star cast. The music is a big surprise. Salil has given an excellent score. Unfortunately the songs are rarely heard and could be the reason why the music of the film has not got the recognition it deserves.

  2. original is a mega hit Bengali film "Sagarika" in 1954 acted by Mahanayak Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. Shashi kapoor in this film could nt act like them still i love his bold acting always.

  3. Like all sweetness coming from Bengal, gentle and sensitive! Well worth watching if you enjoy the fragrance of old love, and the craftsmanship of genius. I do wish something is done about the buffering problem, though.

  4. I have to record my honest opinion. Sadhana used to look great those days and Bimal Roy has given some good movies including the outstanding Madhumathi. Reading the comments of many people appreciating this movie I viewed this film. I am terribly disappointed. The film lacks good screen play and the sequences just move without any depth and there are many contrived situations. I don't know how this is considered a good movie. Only redeeming factor is Sadhana and sashi kapoor is a misfit here. Sawan ki rath is a good song.

  5. Though Sagarika, the original Bengali movie was a blockbuster, yet it was too melodramatic, even devoid of natural logic at times. This is a thousand times more well made film.Shashiji and Sadhanaji's acting is so extremely natural and lovely.

  6. This is an excellent movie of Bimal Roy. I saw this movie again today. Shashi Kapoor and Sadhna are the two memorable actors of Indian Movie World. Kumar from Canada.


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