OCR Prep and Cut

As some of you know I’ve been cutting weight alongside training for OCRs for the past few weeks. I decided to record the last week of my workout and make a little video out of it. I did this first and foremost for my OCR team (Beards, Booze, and Booty Shorts) to see what kind of prep I’m going through for the races. I also wanted to chronicle these past ten weeks and maybe inspire someone else to go out there and kill it.. or better yet come run a few OCRs with us.
This leg of my fitness journey was ten weeks. I started at 168lb and had a goal weight of 155lb. Unfortunately, I caught a nasty virus during my second week and had a small injury during my seventh week. That, combined with my underestimation of how much muscle I’d lose during cardio, lead to me overshooting my goal weight and ended at 151lbs. Still.. it feels good to be able to fit in to my “thin” pants again.
I hear a lot of excuses from people as to why they can’t and one of the ones I hate to hear the most is, “But I don’t want people to judge me at the gym.” Well I walked in there for a whole week dressed like King Vegeta just sent me to earth to conquer the place while wearing tights (bulge included) and recording myself and not a single person even gave me so much as a sideways look. Don’t let any excuses keep you from living a healthy and happy life.

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