Nireekshana Telugu Full Movie || Bhanu Chander Archana || Balu Mahendra || Ilayaraja

Watch Nireekshana Full Movie/ Nireekshana Movie, starring Bhanu Chander Archana P. L. Narayana Allu Ramalingaiah among others. Directed by Balu …

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  1. 1:04:32 matches exactly with present days (not every one). I don't say love is bad. But much important thing than love is goal. I know that u will hate this statement. Though CLEAN SHAVE is better than BEARD.

  2. This is called witch craft saturn dumping on innocent similar faces… mean 2 bhanu chandars.. 1 is innocenta notehr is crminal… so globally now T I people are similar type. a guy like me do saturn things and dump on me.. so the innocent guy suffers life long.. whch is what ahppening in occlut way from many years… law must eb siver on this occult practice…. anybody ahve scence why innocent guy got puniiched.. just felt BAD LUCK? .. anybody.. morons… open ur minds.. we have o spoil witchcraft evils..cult practisoners globally . global spy agencies doing sameon nnocent people. im one of the vctiim…. they choose people as balck holes and amle and female an ddump on them

  3. I am still watching this classic movie in 2018 i.e 36 year past it's release, spellbound screenplay, Ilaya Raja gari Gundelu pindese music, Bhanu chander & Archana Excellet performance…WoW; A must watch movie


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