Miss Abigail’s Guide To Dating, Mating, & Marriage

Synopsis:MISS ABIGAIL’S GUIDE TO DATING, MATING, & MARRIAGE is the story of Miss Abigail, the most sought-after relationship expert to the stars (think Dr. Ruth meets Emily Post), and her sexy sidekick Paco, as they travel the world teaching Miss Abigail’s outrageously funny “how-to’s” on dating, mating and marriage!

During this 90-minute comedy, you’re guaranteed to laugh-out-loud and learn a thing or two . . . like how to have a perfect kiss (it’s all about lip position) . . . what you should and should not talk about on a date (don’t mention your troll doll collection) . . . and how to let a man think he wears the pants.

Let Miss Abigail take you back to a simpler time, before booty calls and before speed-dating . . . back when the divorce rate wasn’t 50% and when ‘fidelity’ was more than an investment firm!

Roxie Theatre
Tickets at www.roxietheatretickets.com
Box Office (210) 360-9180

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