Let’s Play Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion 3DS – Part 9 FINALE

This is part 9 of my Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion 3D Walkthrough and I fight against the FINAL BOSS and show the credits. Also, I give my opinions …

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  1. @TheGamecube64Guy That basically sums it up! The cutscenes and characters are great but the gameplay is terrible. Just shows that cartoon network is good at shows and sucks at games

  2. "Maybe I can find a Lava Man to change the channels for me with a giant lever!"

    LOL, Moltar reference. Given that and the voice of the announcer, I think it's a pretty safe bet that he's one Mr. Tad Ghostal.

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  4. Thats True! They Made Really Great Games They Didnt Care About This One! They Just Wanted The Money. They Didnt Care About The Fans. I Dout They Have Have Any Fans Any More Cause Of This Game!

  5. also a have a good and a bad verdict of the game:
    good:the characters attacks and ptes are awesome
    bad:in the cutscenes,the characters don't talk,just make noises or quotes,and just the narrator talk! its looks like the first epic mickey.


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