Let’s Play Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion 3DS – Part 8 (BLIND)

This is part 8 of my Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion 3D Walkthrough. This is a new game for the Nintendo 3DS that is supposed to be a clone to Super …

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  1. @xxCreedgamingxx I might save the trade in credit for Sonic Generations or something. I'm gonna wait till I hear what's announced for the 3DS at the nintendo e3 press conference tomorrow

  2. @GodzillaKingofMonste If you do not like my commentary stop watching it or STFU yourself! Sheesh, people want to make me the problem but it's them when they continue to watch it. If you don't have anything nice to say then get the HELL out of here

  3. @TheTreylan13 Why don't people get it??? The creators compared this game to Brawl SEVERAL TIMES! The said it was more fluid and controlled better!! If they are comparing it why can't I compare it??

    Seriously, some people need to use their brains…

  4. @TheTreylan13 Sorry thought you were a troll. But seriously, in this video I give MY OPINION. I played the game and I didn't like it and it was mediocre. If you want the game that is fine by me and hope you enjoy it! 🙂

    I just didn't enjoy it and it isn't close to as good as Brawl as the developers tried to make it sound like


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