Leftist Fitness Instructor – Owen Benjamin

Are you on the left but want to get in AWESOME SHAPE??? Then I’m your guy!! Fitness is important, but so are feelings. Now join me as we figure out who to …

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  1. This is great. Love your face.

    Don't forget that anyone who says anything that could possibly be construed or manipulated into something offensive is violence, so maybe go over the beta cuck slap and run.

  2. uh…..My subscription went away. da fuq??? I've never not gotten a notification. (only problem I have is Owen videos tend to fail to play on my cell, audio only, "service not available". Try to play any other creator, audio only, and works fine.) I think that the shadow ban is real. (awww, shit, now my views are gonna tank for bringing that up… fahhhk)

  3. This is not even remotely funny and offers no resolution or possibility of outreach, which is why the libertarians and strident ideologues are dead in the water. It’s confirmation bias and intractability all the way. Plus political comedy just isn’t funny


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