Lakshmi | Full Movie | Nagesh Kukunoor, Monali Thakur, Satish Kaushik | HD 1080p

Lakshmi is a 2014 Hindi social problem film. The film deals with the harsh realities of human trafficking and child prostitution, which continue behind closed …

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  1. Can't express the fear, terror, ..such a heinous reality.. people n we shut our eyes !
    People r blind.. these men including educated , employed men just mock taunt n criticise girls, brides , women.
    It compels me to hate… Hate men who compels pure innocent souls to trap in such hell n spoil their whole life in pain..

  2. Aap ladki ho ?
    Either way u suffer girl, may it this prostitution hell or rape.
    Either way there many villain faces, n muscular men behind this.
    Aur jo sarafat n educated dikha rhe hain khud ko sab bas girl, daughter in law , women ki khichadi karo.. bahu achhi nhi q k sabji mein namak kam, chay mein chini jyada. Kabhi puchha hai is desh k nau jawan kahan ja rhe hain ?


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