La Dolce Vita – Modica Aztec Chocolate

Modica in Sicily – is a town worth visit for countless of reason : Val di Noto UNESCO architecture – a very fine example of Baroque art, Hyblaean Mountains , birthplace of Nobel Prize for Literature Salvatore Quasimodo and writer Tommaso Campailla , movie set of Commisario Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri BUT I came here to find out all about Aztec Chocolate ! Now, then, Italian island and South American Indians ? Yes ! The Sicily was for long time ruled by Spanish kings. They conquered America (thx Mr Columbus) and a cocoa beans were a part of booty – enter chocolate. Not to mention gold, slaves, potatoes and so on. From the sumptuous tables of Ferdinand and Isabella to our humble homes of today. Let the yummy journey begin ! But first let’s go to Rome, an astonishing , spellbinding woman is calling …

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