Kumail Nanjiani Tries Hard to Be Cool – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

Kumail Nanjiani comes up with a three-step plan to become one of the cool kids at his high school.

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  1. Love to see a Pakistani doing so great comedy in America. You're very original and it's awesome to see that a lot of your comedy stems from the life you lived in Pakistan. Well done bro, Keep it up!!!!

  2. I always thought trying to be cool was kind of weird. I think it’s the trying that’s the problem lol, you either are or you aren’t, and not trying or caring..#1 quality a person needs. Caring and trying won’t change a single thing, just accept that you aren’t great and you’ll yin your way over to yang automatically 😂the cool folks will get it, it’s the Napoleon dynamite idea, that guy geeked so hard and it culminated in the dance that was so geeky it made him cool..right? Nothing quite so cool but to embrace the not coolness of who you are and give no fucks. 👍 just remember that dance 😊

  3. Every time I watch Ari and his attempt to point out how special he is that he's a comic it makes me want to set myself on fire then track him down and give him a giant hug until we both turn into ash


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