“Killer” – Evil Dark Trap Beat | Free Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018 | Luxray #Instrumentals

569 – “Killer” – Evil Dark Trap Beat | Free Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018, by Luxembourg producers Luxray. #Instrumentals | Purchase (No Tags) …

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  1. Thay say thay what to ride with a g but you no what thay ant riding with me…. your never gonna ride with this team so watch it I can do this like a topic so watch it

  2. Go to sleep go to sleep

    Little bow peep counting sheep

    Lemme drift into a land
    Filled with mysterys and dreams

    Like your girl she give me top
    Yeah your girly is a thot
    Think she hot but she not I'm gone have to hit or miss

    I fucked her really hard made her scream call me daddy
    I go super saiyan sorts physco off the xanys
    I pop one another like it's motherfucking candy

    Y'all nigga can't do it like me
    I xany pop in that bitch
    I tip toe in that bitch
    I drip slow in that bitch
    I lick slow on that clit
    Like lolly pop no dick
    But that pussy got me rollin
    Spent like 20 bands on yo bitch
    She come home she don't fuck
    Because she love my grind
    Fuck her till she drip dry
    Lick lines
    Spitting like a genius I'm raps Einstein
    So devine lemme just define a rhyme
    I spit dope I rip tracks
    I fuck her once then the pussy's beat so she's comeing back

  3. Don't push me
    Like drake did pusha T
    Wish they wood
    Like a bushy
    Make they spaghetti all mushy
    Make it wetty all gushy
    And my trees kushy
    All I need is this weed and pussy

    I never needed much
    Cause I never had shit
    Give me a bag and a bad bitch
    She rub it on me…abs ripped
    Rip tide while I rip the insides
    Skiiiir…all over the titties
    No ad libs
    I always hung around the bad kids

    Motherfuckers wanna start shit with me
    Rip out they hearts for free
    Walk over the body
    Bloody shoes
    No Cardi B
    The illest alive
    It ain't hard to see
    Mo murda
    No bone thugs and harmony
    There ain't no calmin me
    I'm on the flee
    I praise the all high
    I honor thee
    I'm john connor with the bomb on me
    Drop it on em
    Than they all will freeze
    They all deceased
    I'm on my knees
    Beggin the lord please
    I have my sword squeezed
    Shootin 12
    Like 4 threes
    Went to the Marines in '03
    Came out that motherfucker more G
    Lost a few brothers
    I mourn thee
    My horns bleed
    From the bottom like saiten
    Children of the corn breed
    "I love you"
    To my unborn seed

  4. Killin the kremlin

    I feel this like tetris

    I know this is restless

    But hoes be so stressless

    I do not want HIV

    that shit is endless

    But never the less

    I be up in her edges

    sex is the senses

    suffer and send it

    message amendment

    im best at the penship

    safe to say that ive bet big

    hate the way that i rep this

    cause im left inside of my head

    tryna shred until i am breathless

    gimme a second i reckon

    ill build it like bills in the press

    ittle set an exception

    for stealin oppression

    im mentioned a mess

    and it beats in my chest

    that im dead in the head

    but im killin these pests

  5. Time to bring some light into the village
    When I rhyme its a strike, not to pillage
    Only to make the greatest move I can make
    Clear out the threat and then the team will be safe
    And I'm a fool now, but one day I'll be a sage
    When I die put in work for me like friends of Johnny Cage
    Too blazed, too aware of a rage
    That can make someone explode in shady ways
    We bring a light to the dark and prevention to crazy days
    Thats my dream at least and watch when i focus my strength
    A time in history, exhale om from your chest
    Tomes provide insight but experience for souls is best
    I question what the first elders said
    About the souls who bless the fish and break the bread.
    I sent you a gift, my heart, its sacred
    When I die, an animatrix
    Will revive me on a spaceship
    The ages ancient poetry is elevated
    I sing it and thank it for the energy created

    And i don't know bout nobody else
    But im about to break out and rebel
    From whatever wants to end my strength and disempower
    I bust an Eisenhower
    Nations make way for a rising power
    Crying hours providing sour testimony
    Stretched their soul bleeds but they explain how their throats seethe
    Living in pain, they tell the world bombs leave their cities smoking
    The misery is heavy but I hold it as life holds me
    Only exposed, cause I rose and began exploding

  6. I'm the Demon inside that is hidden behind your eyes, taking control
    Collecting pieces from your soul, inside your body is were I role
    which body I choose to possess
    This is what I am to become and when I do I will not rest
    You better bring the whole church cause the priest is dead
    And when you come to me take breaths
    Cause when you experience me it is not like any Demon inside
    It is the one who can see through your eyes
    I am difficult to find
    Cause there is one place in the body I can hide
    There is no place for love
    No place for the holy dove
    Rest your soul cause God is gone
    The Satanic ritual has begun
    Wait til it's done
    Then you better run
    For I will take your life before your eyes
    Protect your wife I may slice wit a sharp edged knife
    I'll b waitin for the night
    3 O'clock is when it's begun
    So forget the sun, your never gonna see it again
    Cause by 6:66 your gonna b dead..

  7. sharpen my blade / use this spade / to do what ever im dealing

    buy a gun/ lets have some fun/ what ever im feeling

    dont tell me what to do / ill get a knife and fucking kill you

    i do what ever i want son / didnt anyone say im number 1

  8. ima killer on a beat born naturally my masterpiece ima master key open up no need for da gun open up no need for tha keys I be wit the Gs in the streets wit the heat letting off that gun sound funny tho cuz my gun sound just like my voice tight verse vice verse it's light work stumbled on to this 13 years picture me like Dumbledore when im walking outta these double doors put my fangs around yo neck when I slytherin been better than these veterans been gettin pretty lonely wit no competition 'n composition…. man fuck this I don't even know why I started writing this shit


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