Judge Faith – Ex Con Auto Loan (Season 3: Episode #52)

Ex Con Auto Loan – Two former San Quentin cell mates, both freed from life sentences come to court over a car loan.

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  1. This has got to be one of the most moving and positive cases I’ve seen on this channel. I had to post about the positivity these two men showed towards one another, not one bad mouth the other and still hugged it out after the verdict…..#Class

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  3. Its despicable that these men were failed by the justice system and did not receive restitution. Imagine spending decades of your life in prison for something you didn't do, being exonerated because you are innocent, and being placed back into society to find a job and transportation. Money won't give them their life back but it will help them get a good start.

  4. Even if something is written communication can get missed some how. A good lesson to maintain maturity to have a better resolution. I love this & I'm happy for them. America's judicial system has got to change smh.

  5. GREAT CASE….i thought the judge was gonna give them something. Both of them should have received money for being WRONGFULLY convicted of crimes they did not commit. I hope the Judge looks into it.


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