Josh Pieters Investigates: How To Be British | Comedy Central

What exactly does it mean to be British? Can a South African boy pass of as being a British man? Follow Josh Pieters as he investigates what it means to be …

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  1. Are you kidding me? No one who is under 50 is anything like the "expert" guy… Not even within the upper classes. He just seems to be a pretentious phoney. FYI "don't wear brown in town" relates to clothes, not shoes.

  2. What? There isn't a British Accent!? That's ridiculous! Everyone in America has the exact same accent, why doesn't Britain!?

    Of course the Union joke was great too.

  3. You're not sure if Ireland is part of Britain? I'm American and I know that Northern Ireland is part of Britain, as in the British Isles and the rest, the southern bit isn't actually part of the UK, but is it's own country with an entirely different government. Dear god, and I thought our schools were crappy. This would be like an American being unsure of whether Delaware was a state. Sure, you don't think about it very often unless you live there, but you should have f-ing memorized that stupid song in elementary school that named all of the states! Your country is smaller than my entire state, it's not exactly a geographical enigma…


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