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Subscribe to our Movies Heritage: Movie: Jagriti (“The Awakening”) Year: 1954 Director: Satyen Bose Music: Hemanta Mukherjee Producer: …

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  1. Nice movie songs and music by Shri Hemantkumarji is excellent very sweet memories of childhood days from our school in private halls this movie was shown to all students of our school today in abroad I am watching this movie and recalling my all friends and teachers and as when I feel alone I am watching this movie and Hum panchi eak dalke and recalling my friends and old childhood days

  2. I remember very clearly I was in 7th grade in Ludhiana Punjab and we were shown Jagriti free and all of the students were taken to the movie theater….the movie was very touching leaving a lifelong impression still fresh at age 74!

  3. At 1:34:00
    आपने गाने से रानी पद्मिनी का नाम क्यों काट दिया
    कूद पड़ी थी यहाँ हजारो पद्मिनिया अंगारो पे
    ये लाइन काट दी
    हरामखोरो इतिहास से छेड़छाड़ करना बंद क्यों नही करते
    घिनोनी सोच वाले इंसान


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