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  1. Trolls is more norwegian and swedish saga dough. Not danish, as they do not have hills. Since the trolls was said to live in caves in the mountain near the fjords. Originated from norse mythology, later adopted into scandinavian folklore.

  2. I had a crazy dream once a long time ago that I was in school and there was this teacher who was so absolutely hated that some crazed psychopath sent her an anonymous letter telling her to go kill herself and when she actually did, the school called the authorities and wanted to interrogate every single student and find some sort of motivation and press charges against anybody made some kind of confession.

  3. How do I subscribe to Troll-Trace???
    Oh yes!!! I'm going to track down ALL those Trolls…..
    ….and send Mickey Mouse to their door!!!

    Ever since Mickey saw "Goodfella's", he's been kicking everyone's ass!!!

    Look what he did to Joe Jonas!!! He will do the same to the Trolls!!!

    Now get out there and make me some Goddamn MONEY!!!!haha

  4. The Jeffy haters, Meggy haters, Jeffy fans, Dabhude, and the Teen Titans Go haters are so dead if Troll-trace became real and not evil because they are trolling a lot of people and the Meggy haters are trolling me because I like Meggy, well Cabbage Preacher is going to be in trouble.


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