Inside Amy Schumer – Urban Fitters

Amy tries not to offend an African-American sales clerk while describing another employee. The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows …

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  1. lol I think the funniest part of this skit is the fact that it's so hard to simply hand someone money in exchange for items. like there has to be a whole discussion before the transaction happens. I wanna see a skit where the cashier asks all this stuff like "would you like to sign up for our card?" and "would you like to donate a penny to some charity?". It's like, dude I just want a shirt you don't have to make me feel bad for turning you down.

  2. Wow. Seriously. I've seen sketches "influenced" by previous material, but this is an all-out RIPOFF of MadTv's Race Ghost. Shame on you, Amy.

  3. nah, you guys who said this copy madtv is just super sensitive. yes it has similar concept. But she also showed her character can't distinguish the african-american employees and how she lied about her name. and how the other person describing "asian" more casually

  4. I worked in a clothing store as a cashier and this is so true! I would ask people who helped them and some would be so uncomfortable saying a black worker helped them that I learned to just ask if the person was black myself. They would often answer "yes" with relief. I guess some people find it rude to point out a person's color but also the don't remember anything else about them.


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