I N D I A # 0 0 0 6

// the project I N D I A brings in each edition artists of different media and rhythms, which besides boiling hips comes to expand the coconut also with their projects and ideals. //

if you thought you had lost your hair, embrace and fall into that color. wait for me to come.

is confusing explaining.

*** edits are composed by


explanation of how the live (gaturamo) is mounted
and the different possibilities of live presentation



# 0 0 0 6. . . . . .

> Lopes + pedro zopelar

"Gaturamo" is the project of Pedro Zopelar and L_cio. The two producers work together producing other artists and developing a live set based on improvisation and consolidating the partnership in an authorial way.

The duet is complemented by its different backgrounds: L_cio comes from techno (style that the artist has already explored in its various segments and stages) and, from the beginning of his career, presents himself as Live PA, exclusively performing his own compositions. Already Zopelar is multi-instrumentalist and has always been an enthusiast of free live creation. He studied jazz and Brazilian instrumental music, and since he switched from traditional instruments to synthesizers, he has performed several times with improvisation groups.

L_cio is responsible for beats, using the synths: TR-707, TR-727, MFB-522, Novation Drumstation, Jomox MBase11, Ableton live, Launchpad and Nanokontrol.

Zopelar performs / creates basslines, melodies, ambiences and textures, using equipment like: Roland SH101, Korg MS20-mini, Akai MPC2500, Microkorg, Korg Poly 800, Roland Juno Gi, etc …


altered ego altered by André Amaral, who after being abducted by alien women and taken to a cave in northern Africa, was brought under the influence of drums, hallucinogenic herbs and calypgous venus, developing an uncommon and uncommon taste for the binomial BASS / BOOTY – through rhythms and beats that bring the influence of the black and indigenous cultures of the tropic countries


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ᄃ barracadobeijo Σ ciruculosdefogo_NATHALIAKAMURA ᄃ

Blinding her eyes, gabriela moreno

»» 20 mangoes – 100first / 25 mangoes – the other
* will be accepted ¢ art of DEBIT visa and master ««


Bike riding

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