How I EDIT Rap / Hip-hop Music Videos | Final Cut Pro X

A tutorial video I slapped together of how I usually go abouts editing my rap and hip-hop music videos! I’ll come out with separate mini tutorials very soo but I …

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to shoot these tutorials/vlogs, they're a huge help! Quick question – Slow mo is obviously a huge atmospheric tool in these videos, however, I'm currently shooting on Bmpcc which only has a max setting of 30 fps… Know of any workaround to still get decent quality slow clips? Thanks and keep up the solid work!

  2. Ok quick question so after we’re done cutting through the whole entire multi cam then what? Will all those other clips be effected ? You’re video was great I’m re editing my last video now * edit all night gang lmao

  3. Bro I just learn something new tonight I had final cut for the longest an never put it to use like that. It’s on now ‼️ it give you a clean edit where your not ceiling up and down also. Great work

  4. your video helped me out a lot but you lost me when you just closed out your unfinished Multicam clips and just cut to a open finished Multicam clip. whats the process right before you did that at 14:31?

  5. i lined them all up now what? when u skipped ahead i got stuck. Everything from my performance seen is lined up. Now how do i go about peicing the video together like you did?


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