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  1. Kneel before your next overlord!  Kneel before the very incarnation of every vengeful ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, jilted lover or wallflower who you did not ask to dance…She will punish this nation until even Viagra will fail any man, young or old, who still would try love a woman of this anti-male culture…

  2. look this is not the, entire interview folks, the rest is online. I'm the guy that voted for  Sarah Palin  a few yrs. ago.  I really think Hillary C. is a closet conservative Repub., and I would vote for the old bitch (HAHAHA)  if she runs again in 2016. can I volunteer for her  campaign now??

  3. Here's the TRUTH,………
    all people Portages Cuban's and Hispanics Go To Mexico,….. They all pay 500 a head to get put in cargo containers run by the Mexican DRUG CARTEL's,…. 3 days later they all pop out in a shipping yard in USA. The problem comes FROM Mexico!!!! (I have had 3 accounts being told this by Portages people Hispanics and Cuban's all confirm that's how they do it) One even said to me when he knew he was getting deported he would be back in a week 2 top's. Now this is when 80% of the women are raped like trump said, convicts come right back in after being deported ( they go to there countries and get released cause they committed no crime in there country they all have absolutely 0 respect for us at all) It has also been shed the FACT that the Clinton's have a set ring in place Hillary's law firm kept people off there backs in Alabama,… so that Bill could do all the cocaine he wanted ( check his medical reports there's an operation that shows up in his records to his nasal,… only done to those who have made a hole in there nasal from excessive drug use) seems Macy's Univision and CNN are all Hilary Clinton backed so who stands ta lose by boarder patrol ,…….. I have good sources on all this information took a lot-ta homework ta see it all for what it is Trump will absolutely hurt the Democratic drug money machine that has bought out every election since the 60's,… so all that's left for me to say is Dear God Trump Save Us All Please Save My Kids Future In this once glorious and could be country

  4. John Stewart will be asked by Hillary Clinton to run as her Vice President 2016.  He will help whatever Dem offers him a serious deal and can win as POTUS. He seeks Rohm's slot or higher.

  5. Jon Stewart made some nasty remarks about Hillary Clinton recently.  She seems very comfortable and it's a pleasant interview.  So, is he that good?  Or did he disremember the whole incident because he's a Bernie fan?  Questions to ponder.

  6. Stewart is such a fraud, lying crooked Hillary has a slew of negatives and skeletons in her closet not to mention the whole ongoing FBI investigation, Clinton Cash trading American influence for millions in donations to her charities. 100 million from the Saudis to help pave the way and influence Muslim invasion into America. And yet with all of that Jon Stewart thinks her biggest problem is that she is robotic. I'm so sick of these lying leftist trolls that get so much influence over the stupid people. The truth is he is using the robotic issue hoping to deflect from the large corrupt elephant sitting in the room. It's a technique most people learn in high school but apparently it works well with most of the adult idiots in America.

  7. Look at her fake smil during the whole interview she was thinking what shall I say to get the people watching to like me. Look at this stupied creature looks how she turn away from John and towards the audience every time she answered a question. She is afraid very afraid that we shall see her for what she really is.

  8. This is back when Hillary stole 6 billion dollars from her foundation and it was just labeled lost and swept under the rug. 6 BILLION DOLLARS MISSING!!!! CRAZY! SHE IS SO CROOKED!!!!!

  9. I love how all the comments about Stewart pandering to the Dems came a year ago, not noticing that this video happened 1-2 years before the election campaigns even started. Isn’t it common knowledge that back then was a much calmer time than 2016 onwards?


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