Hidden Citizens – Never Stop (Ft. Jung Youth – Badass Electronic Hip Hop Music)

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  1. I was betrayed and flayed,
    I was better than they say,
    I fought for them and prayed,
    I tried my best and was sprayed,

    Now, I fell to the dark,
    I fell to the abyss,
    I now feel bliss,
    now hear the rest,

    With my new body,
    with my new shotty,
    I will make a comeback,
    They will pay in stacks,

    My eyes see clearly,
    my thoughts are freer,
    my sword will cut deeper,
    the blood will drop faster,

    Now, I have no master,
    I have become faster,
    now try not to be tester,
    Now, I will Never Stop


    I hope you might enjoy this one, it's a little different than I've ever posted. <3 ^-^

  2. For those who hate rap, best you leave. You'll never understand this hardness. Even I dislike rap and still think this is great af. BTW I have 2 accounts and this is my high school account.

  3. If you like this song give "NEFFEX – Fight Back "a try. I promise you won't be disappointed. Also if anyone have some more of these electronic hype rap please share.


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