Grade A F*cker (1SE)

So…. I did all of this. Yep, here’s the list 😅
I created this because I wanted to push myself beyond what I was comfortable with. As crazy as it is, I don’t regret a single bit of it.


*In order of appearance:
(I didn’t note the pretense conversation)
1. Smacked a guy’s butt at a party
2. Flashed my boobs
3. Biked w/ a gigantic poster
4. Went to an arcade
5. Shot a video on top of a car
6. Edited til 5am in a study lounge w/ pimple cream on
7. Took my bike into an elevator
8. Got punched in the boob
9. Streaking {Censor}
10. Danced on the fence of AEI
11. Tried Wing-Womaning… failed
12. Listened to Virtual Barber Video
13. Went to Benihana for the first time
14. Yelled “SEXXAAY” at a random hot guy
15. Biked down some stairs
16. Selfied with a random stranger
17. Tried holding a random guy’s hand in the street… did NOT go well!!!
18. Did a trust fall
19. “Ding dong ditched”
20. Dancing to “Work”
21. skateboarding and failing
22. Gave a Lap Dance
23. Booty called/ texted (Nothing happened)
24. Biked thru a drive thru
25. Mooned Parkside from a study lounge
26. Played spin the bottle
27. Tried jumping a concrete wall
28. Jumped in a bouncy house
29. Surprised danced in a study lounge
30. Dropped from a tree
31. Ran through Sprinklers at 3am
32. On the bus to San Jose
33. Arrived in “San Jose!”
34. Went to San Fransisco, saw the Golden Gate Bridge
35. Had my first kiss
36. Rode a trolley
37. Saw Seafoam for the first time
38. Saw the Twin Peaks at Night
39. Went to Lombard Street
40. Ran away from beautiful wave in Santa Cruz
41. Bussed back to SC
42. TPed a tree
43. Used a Glidecam
44. Did some 3D Motion Tracking in After Effects
45. Made a dating profile
46. Went to a “heavenly” party
47. Went to a little ratchet party
48. Ran at the top of a roof on a super windy day
49. Stole something (ALLEGEDLY)
50. Asked a cute guy for his number
51. Got into a hammock of a random guy
52. Went to another party
53. Learned how to twerk…a little
54. Went to the Jeremih concert
55. Ate at Subway with just a bra on
56. Lay in the Parkside fountain
57. Did a psych experiment with a robot
58. Listened to some “room” music for the first time
59. Did something a little dirty…
60. Went to a virtual reality room
61. Went out with like 20 girls
62. Got random people to sign my shirt
63. Hugged a random person
64. Did the chicken dance to a couple eating
65. Jammed outside w/ Cata
66. Boxed in alumni park
67. Yelled “STOP” in CNTV 285
68. “I’ll admit…
69. …some of this…
70. …was just plain crazy…
71. AND…
72. …I did it all…
73. …SOBER!…
74. …Just live guys.”
75. Popped a condom balloon on someone

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