“God Bless” – Freestyle Rap Beat | Free Trap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018 | Luxray #Instrumentals

441 – “God Bless” – Freestyle Rap Beat | Free Trap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018, by Luxembourg producers Luxray. #Instrumentals | Purchase (No Tags) …

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  1. a thousand hands grabbing at the same pile
    Ape style grab it and flake while the cops chase miles
    Kill everything and grab the change
    The year is different but the plot is the same
    Id Rather have 1000 dollars than 2 save a life
    Id Rather have a bentley that'd be real nice
    Greed is the knife and we're thrashing and trashing our land
    Selfish pricks Go ahead and stab it again
    Ill give you a new watch actually make it 100 grand
    Go ahead stab it again
    Take the money and fuck over your friends
    I Saw a guy the other day fuck his wife and best friend over some real estate.
    Sold it and flee'd the state
    I couldn't believe the shit if I tried to.
    So cold you couldn't melt the ice cube.
    Ill teach you something that the game won't teach you
    There's no fucking friends and there ain't no equals
    The greedy survive and the real ones die.
    Why? cause they held their end.
    That fake friend stabbed him in the back and That was The End.

  2. Back to my same ol ways back packing the same ol gauge back to gimmie the loot or imma shoot you in your fucking face false idols gripping rifles rise out the mud with my liquid sword and slice you mothafuckas like some roaches duckin n running when i slide through probably cause i got a drum on the ak i could shoot you pussys with my eyes closed i aint even gotta aim imagine if i chose to there'd be alot of brains sprayed for display fucking with the hopeless got the rope hanging, the gallows screaming ant come n chill you should hang ten, toes I know where this is heading so i snort a Roxy n pop an oxy then get to walking not regretting killing myself only using a rope not using a belt cause now im fuxking hanging dead by my neck n its uncomfortable as hell, whole eyes turn as they roll back into my skull black demom out the crypt life with addictions is so null sitting on the crucifix waiting for your call but im just waiting for a bitch who forgot about me as soon as she came down, she only thinks about me when dead and im dying and i dont think that my bitch know how the fuck i think about every second I'm alive hoe rushing to my death your smile could stop me in my tracks its like a knife your so sharp but you slice slow u know theres no going back girl you must be a coffin cause baby when im with you I wanna die slow I don't like to live very often bitch your all that i got left I would give you every single one till my last breathe ive been crying for a week cause fucking od off a dime sack n u cried while we held hands the time that we first fucked I asked her if shed ever had sex with an angel n woke up making love to a demon.

  3. my mind is going crazy I don't know what I am thinkin but I'm thanking god for everything. my life just started blinkin. now I'm seeing everything, way more than before, that girl I wasted 9 months on from day 1 she a whore. I'm sorry that It had to be me, never even tried to see me, when I'm blowing up ill throw some ones, like "here bitch, heres a freebe"

  4. I got the flow broe, my Shit is so dope/im ridin’ solo, running from the popo/pulling up til’ you frontdoor bitch-slap/like lion i attack yes/im an mc, spittin’ rhymes to my enemies/my mic is my weapon u can call me crazy swede/

    Haha love from sweden 😉🇸🇪

  5. Bless are the ones who hunger and thirst after righteousness,
    knowing God's the only light that even enlighten the enlightened
    That's why, mathematicians and scientists are always fighting
    In confusion with no solution of God's perfect alignment.
    Immaculate timing,
    where the atoms in the universe work together creating life we know in God's likeness.
    The scripture paints vivid pictures undeniably defying God's work and all the miracles proven behind it.
    The Bible been preserved like getting sprayed with Freon for eons
    And being taught by prophets all across the region.
    No matter what season, God's prophets were warriors walking through the desert heat to areas below freezin.

  6. Got me chilling in my bed, wonder why god got me blessed. I get high on my own while bunch of people are staying just under their rocks. I have been born as a star, and i have been raised by those lights. Wearing my gucci shawl while hitting golf balls, gucci shawls, golf ball. Screaming FORE, now my saucers approaching like the leaves in fall. After years of failing could not stop hearing ticks from the clocks. So i started spittin bars, now bitches spittin sloppy making sure they dont bite.

  7. "Riddle me not
    Kid me not
    About 100 shots
    Dropped your block
    Posted like stop
    Bitches on my jock
    Fish swimming in the pond
    I'm a bird I'm a hawk
    Watch as my haters begin to flock
    This rap shit & lyricism just don't stop imma go hard until my heart fucking stop take a step back before my cannons begin to pop
    I get pussy your dick in a sock"

  8. Come to my block you'd be missing god bless you bait shit hate shit new shit next level Shit you get killed for it 21 century we made it where PAC and biggie they been always on the cdz god bless em none you manz stress me smoking on the best g god bless me

  9. Gjengiz gå og sug en kuk, ta no å få på deg en jævla duk, du e faen meg muslim, eg vil ikkje såre deg men du kan ikkje tro du blanda deg inn akkuratt som lim, du har jævla dårlig stil, du forsvinner like fort som sand i en jævla sil, gjengiz korfor tror du alle lika deg?tror du har sjangs på Fride sørbø men ho ville heller hatt meg

  10. Blocks hot u can link me at the spot
    Tryna make it to the top

    Yung fly nigga
    Busy on ma job

    Get a drop mash work non stop
    Got the muni jumpin like hop scoth

    Drop top

    The beats hot
    So i dropped a quick 16
    Big dreams
    Livin on the edge

    Im floatin
    Im zonin

    She tellin me she wanna get the bonin

  11. Expending my energy. feeling exhausted. who they pretend ta be. I am an artist. rolling this weed up. chillin with martians. Where is my mind. Think I done lost it.
    Watch how you move.
    Better be cautious.
    My words on the loose.
    who got em started
    Bet I go stupid
    Bet I go retarded
    could talk about the past
    But that shit is haunted Really I could tell all it
    But I ain’t gone spoil it
    Just watch
    when I drop the horror flick

    – $kizz-Bo


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