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  1. When I kill it , they gonna know I did it, from jump street I'm so commited.The last of the originals ,shocking they mental, ain't hard to see ,why they trying to sound like me.Diverse, audios you pupils gonna need more lessons ,in the art of Grand don't mistake me for no fan here ,ill clear the lane on any one of you lamb beers. Foolish rapper always swearing they got a hot joint , till truth surface facts ,that you ain't even on point. Getting 'em Bobby before I check em in the lobby , acting like he ain't said nothing -probably,.Your vocab is short ,rather midget , mine extensive with no time of day to kick.if this was mad lib it get the same justice , racked over these jcole 's, while I'm finishing at the goal. .True skills of a master no AAU's , given the business at the spot, cause for real I'm non amused. Chase a rapper down for his last hoorah, wearing bulletproof fashions in doomsday car.The verse is a time bomb , caring less if it's you talking smack or your icon. Grand days approaching, better find you a coachman it was chemistry that proved rappers never had these potions.Rimshots and muted trumpets the light rail of Grand Thoughts what you simple ones thought..Same ole same they wanna be in the Top bracket and meet me in the finals with the Butchers Hatch.Yeah I'm heavenly adored like the seven mics awards at the duel artist wars.Securing money bags, without stepping one foot on Bragg, this verse here, will leave young image on smash.Jaws of life campaign, since day one it ain't changed. Made Marvel wanna picture this, from the door with me it's than a gift with this .Your final notice if you coming like death maul, silence becomes you right along with this wrecking ball..


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