Facebook Cashes in on Conflict | The Daily Show

As Facebook faces increased scrutiny over its use of private data, Trevor highlights the company’s reliance on the human impulse to argue. Subscribe to The …

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  1. this is one of those viedeos, that make me login..
    quit facebook like 5 years ago or so, maybe more – cant remember – mostly used it for silly games back then. ^^

    by now, Im really glad the gaming got the better of me on that one and made me turn FB down: main reason -> "hell, i could play something good instead of this garbage!"

    so.. shout out: Come out and play! 😉

    in case your not a gamer and dont want to become one: stick to your real life friends and family on fb, if you have to use it – everything else is just chatting and ppl take it way to serious. I know my share of online aggro ^^

  2. Grab Mark Fuckerberg, drag him out, throw him to the wolves, wipe EVERYTHING and dissolve Facebook. Problem solved. Zuckerberg is a straight up fkn LEACH who only cares about making money at ANY COST.

  3. I haven’t been on Facebook for a little over a year and I’ve been off Instagram for about 2 months now. It’s so interesting how liberated I feel since disconnecting from those two social media apps/websites.

  4. Just repeated the video to learn how to say Huawei, yassss, no more pointing when l get to the site now, actually l am going to be casually throwing it in conversations, just to see if people know what l am talking about lol

  5. Funny how he actually would have won. People are sick of the radical centrists like Hillary. When you have the option between Republican and republican lite, why not just vote full republican?

  6. “Making you angry, making you afraid, that’s what’s really good for Facebook’s business model.”…and FoxNewspeak’s business model, and the Republican Party’s destruction of the Federal government, and Trump’s election.

  7. That oatmeal colored tadpole Mark Zuckerberg and his minions figured out how to bring out the absolute worst tendencies in people, and then cash in on that to the tune of billions of dollars. His platform (and oh how he loves to use the word 'platform' because it sounds so sophisticated and erudite) is ripping apart whatever is left of the moral fabric of society. Yes, for this he's become one of the ten richest people on earth. And l'll bet he sleeps like a baby at night, in his house ensconced by the surrounding houses he bought for 30 million dollars, you know, for privacy.


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