“Distortion” – Dark Hip Hop Beat | Free Hip Hop Rap Instrumental Music 2017 | Whity #Instrumentals

218 – “Distortion” – Dark Hip Hop Beat | Free Hip Hop Rap Instrumental Music 2017, by Swiss producer Whity. #Instrumentals ✅ Subscribe!

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  1. hey I'm BlackPearl Cherokee…. I used your track for my song and I would like to submit it to a radio station. I'm an ASCAP member I'm also a BMI member and I understand that this track is for Promotional and non-profit use only. I was wondering if you could give me some information therefore I can give you credit for at least letting me promote your tracks with my lyrics behind it?

  2. This is a distortion a portion of aboriginal abortion I fuck up a left turn in snorting pick you nose pennies get your homies ready cause it’s about to go insane levels reach the brain faster than snorting any sort of kind of candy cane pain pavement relief pet pev Steve

  3. Aye dude, used this beat and got hit with a copyright strike from ‘Rap Beats’. I assumed it was free as long as you’re credited but I still got hit from them


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