“Destiny” – Dark French Rap Beat | Free New Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2017 | T-Desco #Instrumentals

377 – “Destiny” – Dark French Rap Beat | Free New Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2017, by French producer T-Desco. #Instrumentals. ✅ Subscribe!

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  1. I'm dealing with my gambling addiction got so bad my family got evicted just another product of the system no it's cuz he had the devil in him I'm conflicted between right or left seems either way leads to death I can feel it in my chest the thoughts of death bullet to the chest thinking fuck it I can finally get some rest my life's a mess not convinced that we blessed I've been trying my best I'm always a constant threat when I speak in tounge sicker then 2 black lungs busting like two hand guns headbanging to the battle drums well prepared for when the battle comes you forgot what a Savage was I'm the grim reap who's in deep yet to reach the peak

  2. I feel a change in the atmosphere.. wondering if things gonna change this year, weather it be bad or good I’m change this year.. it’s my Destiny – to be the best of me, heard a lot of hating critics they ain’t besting me.. it’s my Destiny – to be the best of me – who the fuck told you-you can test a “G”, killed they ass once let me kill’em again – hating on me.. I ain’t yo motherfucking friend, this is a Rujay beats an I’m bringing it in – new wave for ya.. go an tell yo friends – Beat goes hard gotta to Respect a “G” an I’m hot wit the verse better Respect a “G”;

    It’s been along time coming but it’s my Destiny – to be the best of me🎤

  3. All they say x3.. (emotional, emotional, emotional) thats all they say.. like god damn all the lies, fucking lies I can't get them out of my brain, fuck the spray. Drip out rig, it be pouring out of lanes, drinking all these bottles, i can't see none of these models, be acting like they. The. Follow, facing to rain, got me, got me, thinking my past & experience with gossip, that's all the drama,, damn all them laughs, but I'm back, smoking and drinking yeah, raping of the beat, got my reads, that I'm gonna bleed, pen to the left, I'm going break down, where's the keys, looking at my momma like dam " always my problem" asked for the check what's the problem, hello Destiny,(destiny, destiny) take my soul till it bleeds, suck my king, taking the pills like I'm overdramatic, taking the president/ cause this depression. fuck that hold up that is my ptsd. Bish. Destiny destiny destiny. She is the enemy enemy! She be death of me, she'll be the death of me!, Screaming to the hell gate" get this crazy off of me" taking these products to the office is my motivation, to the special Olympics is me (nerd king) I'm the stupidity, where my attention to my attorney. destiny destiny, take my mind please, this pen gonna be the death of me! Destiny destiny destiny! Take this pen away! From me! Seems like I'm a professional problem, taking this beat away from me & make me a enemy!

  4. give up with dat drama act
    illiterate, go pack yo bags
    end your life no hesitation
    my evil schemes I formulated
    ridiculous with those wacky raps
    I’ll slash yo throat my scapegoat is depressions impact
    Sign the papers,
    cause of death,
    suicide – neck slash
    found dead with a blade in hand and all cause you motherfuckers wouldn’t step back

  5. Somebody watching withering
    Lies choked sternum somebodies talking
    Imagery fades crickets evade illegal terrorist plotting agility turns to choking chiming voices insane fine oh cyber stalking stolen identity.
    Terminated youth watching them abuse use stall stalking vr on your household racist shouting scouting illegal inhumane expirements because of spy tech , Leave them alone!
    Ignored like there were no other options.
    Lie to yourself , i know nothing.
    Blame belief , blasphemy , disgusting.


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