DC Nation Cartoon Network: Teen Titans, Beware the Batman, Shorts, Young Justice and more!

DC Nation is premiering on Cartoon Network, giving us more Warner Bros animation and bringing DC Comics characters to a whole new audience via cartoons!

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  1. Young Justice is the only reason why most people watch DC Nation…it's by-far THE BEST quality animated DC series ever….not to mention its great storyline!!…I was really looking forward to Starfire, Cyborg, & Raven to make an appearance…Teen Titans (show) had its run & Beware the Batman looks just like Green Lantern……quit backtracking…

  2. I think the verdict came out. The fuckers canceled it. They did it with Teen Titans and now they did it with Young Justice. Why do they feel the need to fix what isn't broken?

    please get rid of Ben 10 its old dont replace shows that everyone enjoys for instance :young justice/ star wars clone wars/ teen titans

  4. I love Dc Nation, and I loved Young Justice. It was the best! WTH with Alfred? Guns? I can't believe Batman would even have those in the house!! I have a bad feeling about this… >:^(>

  5. Hey, wait a minute Grace, I agree with almost everything you said in this video, which is rare, but Superman Batman Apocalypse was fantastic, especially the fight scenes! I will say though that Public Enemies' animation style wasn't very good (everyone was wayyy too bulky and overly muscular and somewhat blocky and Toyman was… odder than usual (I know it's a different one)) but the fights were still good and it was nice seeing Bats and Kal tagteaming again since Superman/Batman World's Finest.

  6. I consider her annoying because of her viewpoint. When I say annoying, it is my opinion. I find her so, because I think I have only agreed with her on one or two points (not just this video). I try to avoid watching her, but sometimes I do not know it is her when I begin the video.

  7. …cancelled because of low toy sales or not enough views?….post Young Justice later in the day for better treatment, put it up right before Toonami even…saturday mornings cartoons are dead for a reason…

  8. Right now Beware the Batman is the only fucking DC comic in their line up that is actually entertaining to watch while TTG just gets boring after while (IN MY OPION)

  9. I would absolutely, if you haven't already, suggest giving GL:TAS a shot. It's a very beautiful show that I wasn't too interested in until the first half of the season was already over. I've never been a Green Lantern fan and, aside from this, have only really been even partially interested in the John Stewart character in the Justice League cartoon. However, it's now one of my favourite shows.


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