Darnell L. Moore – Rethinking Gender and Sexuality in “No Ashes in the Fire” | The Daily Show

Darnell L. Moore talks about his memoir “No Ashes in the Fire,” growing up black and gay in America, and the horrors wrought by toxic masculinity. Subscribe to …

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  1. The black trim stripes on the shirt, they're not even. It's driving me nuts. I don't know what they're talking about but those uneven stripes… aarrrrgggggg!

  2. Trump isn't a man. He isn't masculine. It's all a performance. He's weak. Once we realize that men like him are in fact weak, we can take them down. Nothing to be scared of with "men" like Trump. Take em down and move on.

  3. This dude is younger than me. In his lifetime someone thought to light him on fire for being queer and he still thinks (as do a lot of Americans) the US is the most progressive country in the world. Delusional! Has he not been to Canada or most of the EU?

  4. Prisons are designed to protect the public first and rehabilitate 2nd.

    Worth keeping in mind, some people cannot be changed and should be locked up forever.

  5. How do Black Americans find themselves accountable regarding our civil rights and American freedoms regarding race and livelihood while champion focal points for our women and young girls with the understandings that homosexuality in our community needs to be completely separated from that overall fight?

    I mean we must fight to some degree – majority of freedoms where it relates to race and livelihood (living or working where you would like w/o persecution, fair employment practices, purchasing powers, etc) but, once the gay community moves to promote in any manner homosexuality by normalizing it, suggesting and teaching that there are no sexual boundaries or certainties in sexual orientation, but that off a child is simply interested in it just out of a abnormal trend or some idea that as parents, you should encourage your son playing with dolls and dressing up in female underwear and clothing – the moment it becomes an agenda to say God made them that way, that's when it becomes a total different fight and March for rights. The Black Community as a whole heterosexually must understand that this lifestyle plays to so many sexual stereotypes about who black men are and the body of black women being hypersexualized (we as straight men and women are so guilty and wrong for creating this in our culture. It's gotta stop and I'm completely for it now that I understand how it has hurt her and us as a people) in our culture, Hollywood and society in general or as a whole.

    I absolutely believe that this homosexual agenda is hurting us far more profoundly than any of us realize because far too many black women think it's just ok to "switch". They think somehow that because we are men, we don't understand them the way another woman does. That idea has been viciously promoted by lesbians as a tool to "get into women's pants" as much as heterosexual men use "sensitivity" as a tool to manipulate and deceive women out of their panties.

    Simply put, both straight men and lesbians lie to get sex and such behavior I'm learning is a form of predatory behavior. It has to stop.

    We don't want kids killing themselves over their confusion or because of bullying, whether it is about pressure or not. We need to defend children against these things, but we as a culture need to also defend from every hyper-sexualization of any form to survive and thrive. For far too many men are being raped and jailed toward the pseudo purpose of being twisted into homosexuals and far too many young male teens are being duped into thinking that crossing over is really nothing.

    God in Christ Jesus us. We're dying by the cell loads. Prison. Abortion. Homosexuality. Hypermasculinity. Fatherlessness.

  6. I completely agree with him on the issue of toxic masculinity and how it is embedded into our culture. I do think many of us are really becoming aware or have been able to collectively define it only fairly recently. If anyone thinks this is not an issue still I direct you to 50 Cent insulting Terry Crews for testifying about his sexual assault.

  7. I was with him, until he started in on this "toxic masculinity" BS. I hate that term. It implies that to be masculine is toxic. Why is masculinity "toxic", but no one ever talks about "toxic femininity"? Donald Trump is not masculinity- he is weakness, vanity, and bigotry. What about all the truly masculine men who stood up to him in varying ways? Sure, there is behavior done by men that should not be tolerated, but the same is true of women. Men tend to bully in a more physical way, but women also bully, just in a more psychological way. For every jock guy that beats up a gay kid in school, there is a mean girl who tortures an nerdy girl until she commits suicide. If anything, that type of guy seems to be on the decline, whereas that type of girl seems to be on the rise; as society seems to become more feminine and less masculine, we need to stop demonizing true masculinity and making it synonymous with bullying, and celebrate it; or at the very least, not address behavior/bullying so one sidedly, and ignore the "toxic" female behavior. The trend of only talking about "toxic masculinity" will only lead to people like this guy associating masculinity with people like Trump, rather than people like Mamoudou Gassama, which will lead to a backlash of behavior as those that want to be masculine adopt those negative behaviors. Instead, we should be clear about what is truly masculine behavior (like climbing a building to save a child, and then becoming a firefighter, for instance). If you want a politician in the USA that is a better example of masculinity, look to Cory Booker, for instance; he stands up for the weak/powerless, and is the type of guy that will shovel you snowy driveway himself when no one else will- that is masculinity in my mind (strong physically and in terms of character). Again, it seems like people are now focusing on negative behavior and calling that masculine, but will not acknowledge positive male behavior; the idea seeming to be that anyone could do the positive masculine stuff like scaling a building to save a child, but if that is true, then it is also true that anyone could do the negative stuff like being a bully. And again, it seems that only the worst of male behavior is being addressed, and female behavior is not being addressed, which is not only unfair to boys/men, but will also lead to a backlash. If you want boys to grow up to be good men, we need to stop associating masculinity with toxicity, and pretending that bullies like Trump represent masculinity (again, he is the opposite, in that he is weak physically, mentally, and psychologically).

  8. We got rid of Draconian laws against gays well guess what they're not locking people up for being gay, they're locking you up for being black and those Draconian laws still exist for blacks

  9. Sex is Sex amongest the male s pecies women did not want it as much as Males so they turned to each other…men know when mateing season is because it is the Women who Brings Offsprings that is her purpose not fucking every day..ok…so men have been doing that for centries ..look at the Biggy popes n disocie. .hurting little boys…sex men period they keep there mind on there Penis when they walk sleep 24/7!!Smh! SO FINE I DO NOT CONDON GAY RIGHTS…We are all individuals of the HUMAN RACE!!! GROW UP !!

  10. I can't wait to read Mr. Moore's book! Someone else in this thread summed it up nicely when she mentioned the fascinating interviews. It is refreshing to meet the guests on this show. It is teaching me to open my eyes, heart, and mind even more.

  11. Such an awesome conversation. And that´s why the idea is that you can´t distance one struggle from another. To be effective everyone who has been marginalized has to come together and say "No fucking way, you can´t do that shit."

  12. Listen….I'm not a celebrity, do not depend on sponsors for my show to air…..so I can be completely honest and outspoken about this!
    I am not scared of the gay mob!

  13. How can we know for sure that he didn't fantasies this "fire" story.
    Just saying.😕
    So tired of the same damn victim shit every time, what more do the gay society want? They have all the freedom possible to do what they want, at least in the US.
    Furthermore their is no such thing as toxic masculinity!!
    The gay community just wants to erase out the heterosexuals for completely!
    This we call brainwashing, to let people believe especially young people that being heterosexual is wrong.
    They want the whole world turned into confused individuals who do not know what the hell they are by implementing guild into heterosexuals and confusing young minds.
    Respect every human,, that means included HETEROSEXUALS!!!

  14. Someone from a shithole country comes to our country to criticize us and tell us how we should be better! Mr. Noah, Maybe you should return to South Africa and teach the leadership there how to make SOUTH AFRICA GREAT AGAIN!


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