Dan Reynolds – “Believer” and the Plight of LGBTQ Mormons | The Daily Show

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds describes what compelled him to examine anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the Mormon community with his documentary …

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  1. You can love someone and not accept everything they do… That would be like saying to your child that you can't love them because they are a criminal. Nothing wrong with not agreeing with everything someone does. Again you can love and not accept everything.
    Love your music Dan, but here's the other issue, you're asking parents to lie to their children? Yes they should love them no matter what, I completely agree. But to lie?
    Honestly I'd rather my parents be straightforward with me, and not lie to me. Sure I want them to accept me for who I am, but honestly if I hear the words "I still love you" that's all that matters to me. I don't want someone to lie to me between their teeth because they fear if they don't I might go kill myself. I just want to know that no matter what, my family still loves me.

  2. Not everything that you desire in your heart is okay in the eyes of God. Just because you genuinely feel something and have for a long time does not mysteriously make it less sinful. We need to love people enough to tell them the truth and a compassionate and caring way. But we must tell the truth.

  3. Just because you are famous and have the means to shape opinions and release material to support your views does not equate to our (irrespective of faith) relationship with God, religion, Bible (or any religious text) or our views. This does not aspire to intelligence but conformity to popular opinion even if it is wrong. Who are you (Dan) to dictate the religious hierarchy should change their views on sin? What gives you the right to change the meaning of religious text? I mean no disrespect by this post but questions we should ask before a popular person gives their opinion.

  4. I love this man and what he is talking about. Everyone in the world should watch this interview and the documentary. I wish everyone who had a voice could spread the message he is spreading because it is so freaking important!

  5. I was a Methodist but I can relate heavily to what he’s saying. I felt that religious guilt for a long time and almost ended my life because of it.
    I did walk away from my religion for other reasons but I was able to make that peace with my god beforehand.

  6. My dad always tells LGBTQ family and friends, "I love you and support you, but my religion says you are wrong, so I can't condone your lifestyle." What does that even mean? It's like a backhanded compliment, an oxi moron. I think it's cowardly, makes me think less of him. Don't hide behind your religion, or let it dictate what you can think, feel, or condone, make those decisions for yourself and use your religion to lift yourself up, lift others, love, support, and follow Christ's examples.

  7. Dan Renyolds is truly inspiring. Being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is not a choice. They just want to be excepted like everyone else. There is a lot of hate in organized religion. I believe in God but choose not to group myself in a certain religion.

  8. I'm trying to find a middle road where my faith and my love for my LGBT daughter meet. I adore Dan. I hope one day, we can change the Mormon church into one of acceptance. Until then, I do what the Mormon church taught me, and put my family first. I haven't attended in years, but I keep hoping that as more and more people speak out, the leaders will listen. I'm pragmatic, though. Hopefully, during my children's lifetimes…

  9. Just because something is a struggle does not mean u have to accept it. All religion homosexuality is not allowed.
    The reason why they are killing themselves are simply because they dont talk with propelrly. THey basically say "walk it off kid".
    THat appraoach is not the right approach. Kids that are homosexual should be talked and guided in a proper manner

  10. Let’s make one thing clear: “shaming” other Mormons/non-Mormons is not a church thing, it’s a Utah thing. Look at half of these comments – they all say “I grew up in Utah and this is all true.” Of course it is – you’re growing up with people who don’t know anything BUT their Mormon world. How do you honestly expect people to be easily
    open to others who are different when they live in a bubble their whole lives? Step outside Utah and you’ll see that so, so many Mormons are loving and accepting of the LGBTQ community because they have experienced diversity and culture that just isn’t found in Utah. Believe when I say that that members are a lot different outside of Utah – I know from experience, and I didn’t grow up in the church, I chose to join myself. Don’t blame the church for what it’s people do and the culture in which people are sadly stuck in.

  11. The only conflict is religion. Stop believing in a man made false god and follow your heart this wouldn't happen. Religion creates hate, bigotry, racism and death.


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