Comedy Central TV FUNHOUSE-Hawaiian Day 1 of 2

A short lived series from comedy central. Please rate and enjoy!

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Comment (17)

  1. I can tolerate necrophilia jokes, religiously offensive humor (in fact I encourage it), and the bit about the kid joining the cult, but the one thing that has ever offended me on this show was 10:32 !

  2. No way a show like this could return to cable TV.I haven't watched Adult Swim in a long while but I can't imagine those shows having humor like this

  3. To think of all the shit they get away with on tv nowadays. This show was just slightly ahead of its time. Either that or people just take things way too seriously.

  4. The "Bowel Movement" skit always made me laugh so hard..(why would you keep yourself from taking a shit, for GOD?) but when you think about it towards Masturbation, oh that makes PERFECT sense though… OH WAIT I GET IT! They are both 100% natural!. wish the Fundamentalist Christians would find the irony in this..

  5. Um how about the lobster being very, very homophobic!! And even using the "f" word!!! That was very offensive to me and I glad that something like this would ever be aired now…..


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