Comedy Central Subliminal Brainwashing

Comedy central attempts at subliminal messaging. That’s funny because I thought that was illegal.

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  1. Yeah – these messages work by subconsciously eliciting a fearful/emotional reaction from the viewer by bypassing the viewers normal/logical filters and making them more open to suggestion from advertisers. However, these "illuminati" theories are such a popular meme these days, that they are capitalizing on that as well. It doesn't prove or disprove the illuminati or whatever, but it's a popular meme that advertisers, recording artists and apparently viacom are exploiting for marketing purposes.

  2. Here we have pause TV like Sky and Virgin. But this channel is a US based channel- i wonder of their citizens are privvy to knowing what just flashed before their eyes. And btw to the cynics, subliminal messages DO work- go to pubmed and look at published work in reputable neurophysiology journals.


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