Clear Signs – Ahamed’s Ramadan Diary – Uncensored

As Eid approaches, Ahamed discovers his new dog’s origins and ponders why he came into his life to begin with. Starring: Ahamed – Ahamed Weinberg Rabia …

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  1. They keep referring to the dog as a 'she' but the dog is male. Only male dogs hump on the leg.
    I first thought it had to be a joke. The dog was humping the man's leg and the muslin pair called it she. It would have been somewhat funny, because obviously muslims don't know dogs.
    But now, even the real owners are calling a boy dog as she.
    What a weird show this is.

    Well, at least there are plenty of errors to comment.

  2. OK, great! Now the muslims are sitting in a table with two non-muslims who are drinking beer… al-cohol.

    Btw. did you know that the process of making alcohol was invented in Arabia? That's where the name comes from, al-kuḥl.


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