Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA Stick it to the Poors – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

Citizen Journalists Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp go undercover at Arizona State University and profile the founder of conservative campus group Turning …

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  1. Conservatives literally want their hate to be permitted without impunity, no matter the level. They want their ideals to be prioritized, and they don’t even notice or care who they step on getting there. They are hateful, uneducated, ignorant, hypocrites.

    They think: “What about me and what I want?”

    Liberals think: “What’s best for everyone?”

  2. I’m a liberal, but making it look like conservative speakers are bad because they are conservative is pretty bad. Universities that deplatform people because they have different ideas is not a good thing.

  3. They make a really good point. None of my teachers ever talked about the benefits of consentual incest and canabalism. What's the matter, do they not support a diversity of ideas? why the silence, libucukturbs? The your special snowballs can't handle it? Why don't you crawl into you safway parking space, LOL.

  4. I’m liberal but conservatives seem so hostile to me. Like if your not conservative then they hate you, like why can’t we all agree to disagree and be friends

  5. You'd think you would get this level of investigative journalism and truth telling from the liberal media but instead Comedy Central is the one doing the work. Once again, proof that there are not good people on both sides.

  6. I dont support turning point USA or most Republican values but really fuck affirmative action. Coming from an AsianMale. All of us actively talk about college and shut, and we treat it as normal that white people only need a 1450 or above sat while Asian men need a 1590 or above. Same for GPA, 3.7 versus 3.95. Fuck that shit. I get it, for African Americans historical laws made it harder for them. But white people have it better off than asians, literally the only reason Asian is higher is cause a tenth of all Asian Americans are temporary citizen heiresses

  7. I know this is supposed to be comedy (emphasis on supposed to be, this show is painful to watch), but their first "punchline" in their interview with Kirk was a supposed gotcha in which Kirk said he disagreed with affirmative action but then endorsed it for himself and his organization. Difference obviously is affirmative action, in the traditional sense, explicitly discriminates against people based on their race. In the UK, it's actually called "positive discrimination." The "action" Kirk endorsed related to independent thought, trying to pave the way for the universities to be more balanced, intellectually. This would apply to conservative/libertarian women and minorities just the same. Falls right in line with the anti-intersectionality view (which Kirk likely aligns himself with) that people should be judged individually based on their character and views and not their skin color, gender or sexuality, you know, kind of like MLK's dream.

  8. The Far Right is just desperate to legitimize ideas that can't be taken seriously by people who aren't on the Far Right.

    You simply don't believe in modern Republican talking points unless you plan to vote for them because, you know, Trump said what you really felt about Mexicans and Paul Ryan wanted to stick it to the blacks.

  9. well every person has the right to talk whatever they want to talk about . just like that people outside has the right to protest the shit out of it. every one had the freedom to do whatever they want. 😌

  10. This reminds me of when Westboro protested at my school. First, there was like 5 of them so it was funny to watch them try to hold up all their signs. Second, a guy stood in front of them playing bagpipes the entire time they were there. And he was good! Finally, there was a block party organized just for the occasion. People were grilling, chatting, playing games, and having fun. I think one of the Westboro people got upset and violent, so he was escorted off campus.

  11. I don't agree with turning point nor am I alt-right. But it deeply concerns me, as a classical liberal, that college campuses are turning away from their status as bastions of free speech and learning.


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