Brexit: A Titanic Disaster | Comedy Central

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  1. If a Brit has worked a long lifetime for his house and after the Brexit suddenly the EU sinks the British Pound 20 % – what does this mean if the British householders lost 20 % for nothing? Thank Nigel and May and Boris – but the real Brexit will even cost much much money – guess who has to pay the price? British people – always! But Nigel is happy – he has enough money!

  2. Keep an eye open for a 'Lord Roach' people – a Brexit troll who claims he has won but then also can't keep away from the ongoing debate and popular dissatisfaction with Brexit and the whole political, social, intergenerational mess it has helped create. He literally spends all his time attacking remainers with false information and base opinion.

  3. And if you have been affected by any of the content seen in this video….you may be struggling with having a sense of humour and probably need to take your butthurt off the internet

  4. The best Brexit is the British Brexit. Britiain is now own country and european people and poles have to go to Europe back – they are not wellcome here.

  5. I'm so glad we voted out!!! And I'm (quite) wealthy and live in London. Just giving the stats. History will look on us well – whilst this is just another butt-hurt video from the people who would have loved us to be suckling off Merkel teets as we feed the Worlds biggest quango

  6. After Theresa May´s London fire disaster and the people to shouts of "coward" – even the British people have enough today and enough is enough. Enough May, enough Brexit and enough Boris Johnson. THe Grenfell tower looks like Britain after the British Brexit disastrous titanic success!

  7. If the British Pound falls only 20 % then a British House is 20 % cheaper – so the British people have lost 20 % of their money because of this idiotic Brexit talks. What do you think how much money will the British British people pay if Britain is leaving the Eu in 2019 ??

  8. The idea behind democracy is that informed citizens make choices. It is the purpose of a free press to make citizens informed. If, as you do in the UK and US, you have a corrupt venal press that lies to support the financial interests of its owners where is the democracy?


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