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Wealthy Anita and office worker Neeraj almost elope, but her father manages to interrupt the wedding. Neeraj tries to contact Anita, but finds that Anita has …

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  1. Overall Rating: 4 Stars out of 10 – Below Average Film
    REVIEW: – A selfish father dissuades her daughter Anita (Sadhana) from marrying her love Neeraj (Manoj Kumar) and choses Anil Sharma (Kishan Mehta) to be her future husband. On the day of the engagement Anita runs away from home only to find that Neeraj has left town. On receipt of a letter from Anita pleading to save her life, Neeraj returns back to the city and learns that Anita has committed suicide, the reason being pre-marital pregnancy. Neeraj confronts Anil and both accuse one another but Anil convinces him that there was someone else and that Anita was a mysterious woman with many personalities. Neeraj then goes on a postmortem hunt for some real answers but comes to a dead-end. That is until he makes his first sighting of Anita which then becomes regular. His quest for the truth uncovers lies, deceit, deception, crookery and some shocking criminal partners.

    The writers of this film have embellished the plot to excite wonder with exaggerated mystery. The latter half of the script is full of bizarre coincidences and a stark contrast to reality that at the end one is left wondering why why why? It’s just another clumsy attempt to spice up a simple crime thriller achieving nothing but imperfection and serious impairment. The end is really an anticlimax because the outcome is strikingly less important or dramatic than expected. The soundtrack is also full of mystery with a couple hit songs. The acting performances are average except for Manoj Kumar whose dialogue delivery with his cracked voice is somewhat ludicrous. The film tempo is medium pace.

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